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LOVETOWN RECORDS is an independent record label based in London, Ontario. We focus on genres like neo-soul, funk, jazz,and hip-hop. The label curates music to the HEART with live showcases staged with vibrant artists who express a deep love for life and creativity through their music. We press 7, and 12-inch vinyl records that are fully manufactured in Ontario. LOVETOWN RECORDS is rooted in London, which is recognized as Canada's first UNESCO City of Music, emphasizing the city's rich cultural and musical heritage.

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Bitter&Broke are a Canadian and pan-Asian live band and DJ trio. Curating the soundtrack to daily life - they craft unique sounds by merging classic pallets of city pop, soul, jazz, and funk with the contemporary groove of neo-soul and R&B. As a band that swiftly carved a local niche in Toronto’s competitive musical arena, Bitter&Broke is growing from success in live entertainment to original songs, beat tapes, and featured production on emerging Canadian artists. Bitter&Broke's music captures the story of relentlessly pursuing artistry. Deeply ingrained in the grind-first culture, they strike a chord with the collective soul of dreamers worldwide

Following the release of their much-awaited single “Okay”, their latest offering, “Tasogare”, is available now on all digital streaming platforms. It is also available in our online shop on a limited edition 7-inch white vinyl pressing along with the track “G.Y.S.T” by J3M.

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27-year-old Amanda Movio from London, Ontario emerges as the next mega in music and creativity.

As a strong independent, Amanda has amassed over 1,000,000 streams across the globe within her first year on the scene. She has an upcoming EP in the Fall of 2024 and eagerly anticipates her 2024 Eastern Canada Tour in collaboration with LOVETOWN RECORDS. Amanda has refined her voice over decades, and through her craft pays homage to the sounds of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, and Alternative Rock. As soon as she takes the stage, Amanda’s heart fills the room, embraces the audience, and tunes them into her message of self-empowerment, love, and togetherness.

Amanda’s latest single Why’s That is a groovy, dark, alternative pop song that marks another milestone early on in her journey as it is her first co-produced single. Her next single, set for May 25th, is titled 2Ps. With a familiar 90’s Hip-Hop vibe, 2Ps explores themes of self-awareness and healing childhood wounds. She’s not just an artist, but an inspiring curator of a holistic movement. Amanda is a true testament to the power of purpose, perseverance, and faith. With a voice that penetrates deep into the soul, and words that inspire the spirit, She is the next mega because she’s got what she needs.

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Gordon Hyland is a saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording artist, and bandleader of numerous ensembles in Toronto, Canada. Disaster Pony is his latest creative focus - an experimental UK-style Contemporary Jazz fusion band heavily inspired by sample-based EDM. In addition to earning a Masters degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Toronto, Hyland has worked in a huge variety of genres that inform his musical language, including ‘60s lounge, ‘70s pop standards, ‘80s ska, ’90s rock, 20th century chamber music, free music, hip hop and more. Hyland has gone out of his way to forge a unique career path for himself, developing a sound and style all his own from years of working with effects pedals and electronic elements in his compositions. He aims to connect the dots between theory, performance, creativity and technology.

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Shebad is a Guelph based music and art project. We are funded by teaching, playing, and making music. All of the merch is made and designed by us. All of the art is made by us and the artists in our community. All of the music is recorded and produced at home.

Music is our answer, love is our message. Open yourself, absorb, enjoy.

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Sunshine is the phenomenon of little things coming together to contribute to something greater than the sum of their parts. As their name suggests, Sunshine Makers create music to brighten the day. The songs radiate with themes of positivity and hope–love, peace, and unity are always at the core. Vibrant vocal arrangements, and organic instrumentation alongside analog synthesizers, give Sunshine Makers a vibe that is an amalgamation of classic and contemporary sounds with roots in R&B, funk, jazz, and neo-soul.

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J3M is a slick combination of pop, disco, soul & R&B, guaranteed to live in your head rent-free. The award-winning singer/songwriter/pianist has backed artists like Tanika Charles, Zaki Ibrahim, The OBGMs & more, locally & internationally. Sharing stages with Kehlani & The Arkells (just to name a few), J3M is no stranger to the industry; making appearances at POP Montreal, Ottawa/Toronto Pride, Reeperbahn and River & Sky festivals. A Toronto local, but Ottawa native, J3M released his debut EP "AFRONAUT'' in August 2022. Equal parts writer, producer, arranger & performer, the queer artist is aimed & ready to take the world by storm! J3M’s latest single is a house banger, an empowerment anthem, and a message about setting boundaries. “G.Y.S.T” is out now on all platforms, and available in our shop on a limited edition 7-inch white vinyl pressing, along with “Tasogare” by Toronto’s Bitter&Broke.

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